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Real Estate Website Solutions

Based on the pour internet solutions for Real Estate that’s out there right now, we came up with a better, more efficient and more professional looking websites for Realtors who wants a “Working Web Presence” that’s actually brings buyers and also attract sellers. Our Real Estate Website Solution

With an easy and blazing fast MLS search engine, we made it so easy to find a property, so easy that in a few minutes the user can see all the properties he is looking for. Seeing more properties helps the user to make a better decision on buying a house .

Simple Cool websites has always a customized design to fit and highlight all the features and Realtor’s needs.

Our designers and programmers are sharp, in touch with “cutting edge” technology and modern design. Using only the best and new tools to make sure our customers are always ahead of the competition.

Proprietary MLS Search Engine Software

We’ll install our proprietary MLS Search Engine software, to provide all users with the best property web search engine available. It features:

FAST – It’s fully optimized to provide “lightning fast” results
FULLY AUTOMATED – Every night it connects to the IDX/Sandicor database and updates itself.
NO FRAMES – It doesn’t uses any frames, which means you own the content.

In our Real Estate Website Solution database is hosted in your server. Again, you own the content, a huge advantage over other web sites that still use frames.

Test Drive our Lighting Fast MLS Search engine here!


Modern Design

Our Real Estate Website Solution's goal is to create a new, modern look design that get the user’s attention and provide a professional look.

Design work will include:

  • Modern Graphics Design

  • Animated Graphics Design in Flash

  • Navigation menu’s built in Flash

  • Easy and consistent menu navigation through the whole site

  • All pages will follow the layout design, to create an identity

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